Wedding Photography Workshop starting from - £295

Kick start your wedding photography with all the information you will ever need!

So you know how to use your camera, and you have the confidence to get great photographs, why not turn that hobbie into an income-generating hobby! Make money from your passion, and never work another day in your life!

From our wedding photography workshop, you will confidently photograph and coordinate a whole wedding day from bridal preparations all the way up to and including the first dance. We will walk you through the whole process of photographing a wedding, so you will be armed with all the information and skills needed to create beautiful and creative wedding photographes simply by attending this workshop.



Obviously, you can't just dive into a wedding, you will need to get clients first. We will talk about the marketing strategies we use to get your inbox full of enquiries, but it's not just plain sailing from there, you will still need to reply to your clients, hook them in and get the diaries filled up with consultations and convert them into bookings.


We will delve into the minefield that is pricing, there are so many different ways of pricing, you will need to price your wedding photography at a fee that works for your business. Discussing package options and how they can work best for you to optimise your income. We will also be showing you the best ways to accept payment and which are the have the best offers for card payments and more!

Deliverying Your Images

Once you have photographed your clients' wedding, you will need to deliver your images. There are many different options of deliverying images. We will go through wedding albums, USBs and digital downloads.

Wedding Albums

There's a host of wedding album suppliers out there, some good quality, some not so good, some excellent value for money, some a bit more expansive than they should be.

We will let you know which wedding albums company are best to use, which album designs are best sellers and even how you can design wedding albums quicker than ever!


We don't just deliver images on any old USB, we make sure to provide good quality USBs that are tried and tested, USBs that don't fail when delivered to clients.

Digital Downloads

Another option of delivering wedding photos would be digital downloads, there are several ways to do this. We will discuss the different options and which ways can also make you some more income too.

Customer Service

Customer service is very important, you will need to look after your clients, even after you have delivered your awesome wedding photography. From this workshop, you will not only learn how to give your clients amazing customer service but also why it is so important and the effect this will have on your business. 

Management Systems

Before you know it, you will have so much paperwork on your hands, you will need to organise invoices, contracts. shoots etc.


Bridgend South Wales

CF31 4PL

We use many diferent loctions around bridgend south wales


Myself Mike


Ed or both of us.


Your camera and ideally a telephoto and wide angle lens

Notes will be provided


We restrict numbers to a maximum of 5 delegates – the course requires a minimum booking of 2 to run.


We can suggest options if you need to stay locally including hotels & B&B service in the local area.

Day 2


Camera Equipment

Oh, the camera equipment! As photographers, don't we just love out camera and lenses! We will advise you on what camera bodies, lenses and lighting equipment is best recommended for your wedding photography!

We will also show you what's inside our camera bag, our actual camera bags, camera straps, lighting equipment, triggers and more!

Shooting the Wedding

We will discuss all the photographs you will need to cover, these are must have's, wedding photographs that your clients will be expecting. For example, the wedding dress, the first kiss etc.

But not only will tell you what you need to photograph, but we will also give you our years of experience on how best to photograph these.

It's not all about pretty photographs, we will also teach you our techniques on group photos and how to get groups to work with you when you have 100+ guests to coordinate.

Bride and Groom Portraits

The all-important bride and groom portraits, the images you use to wow your clients, the images potential clients first see when visiting your website.

With models on hand, we will discuss how to get the safe images, the images that mum and dad will want, and then onto the more romantic and modern style images that the bride and groom will want!

We will teach you how to use natural light to your advantage, how to pose your couples and the potential problems inexperienced photographers would encounter, how you can use flash subtly and creatively, mixing ambient light with flash and much more!

Post Processing

Once we've taken images with our models, we will reveal our workflow to you, so that you can work efficiently. What software we use and how we go about post-processing your beautiful wedding photos.

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